The seduction of the touch

There is no doubt that Ophelie's gift to adapt to her surroundings, complemented by her innate talent with fabric is what transformed her arrival in Madrid in 2010 into a creative opportunity. The strenght of Ophelie & Marlon comes from her unique union between the elegance of Parisian couture and the talents of Spanish leather works.

After an accomplished carrier in the world of business and turning 40, she felt she could do much more. Invigorated by this realisation and taking the skills she learnt in her formative years, she decided to embark on her audacious journey in the world of fashion and breath new life into her own world. Self-thought, her first bags saw light of day thanks to her perseverance and her desire to create a brand in her image: conservative yet rebel, original and thoughtful, authentic yet casual. Ophelie & Marlon represents the many complex yet sometimes contradictory facets of today's modern women.

Leather and its unmistakable fragrance has always between synonymous to childhood for Ophelie, this passion born in the familial shoemaking workshop in the North of France has been at origin of her intimacy with the fabric. This love for leather spawned a unique, tactile and sensual relationship which she associated to the very feminine world of handbags.

Ophelie has not only created products of high quality, but also created a strong bond with the local madrilian workshop and their highly skilled craftsmen, This real human adventure has been a truly influential factor to her creativity, with their help and savoir-faire Ophelie has been able to push her ideas further, allowing her to pursue ever more innovative designs.

The timeless and elegant parisienne influence can be felt throughout her collections, bringing strenght to her label yet staying natural and casual. By playing with male-female etiquettes, this charming creator is able to express delicacy and fortitude in all her works. A brand that holds many leather stories and many more for the women who choose to wear it.

• Our leather bags are unique and can vary in shades and textures.

• As a general rule, you should take care to avoid exposing your bag to direct sunlight or sources of heat. Also, we suggest you store your bag in its dust cover/pouch.

• You should avoid contact with water, fat/grease, perfumes or cosmetic products. Should your bag get wet, remove any residual water with a soft cloth, and let it air dry.

• Due to our leather transformation process there may be a slight color transfer to friction, particularly in damp environments. Consider this point, especially for oiled or suede bags, when you wear light-coloured clothes.

•For any questions regarding our products, thank you for contacting us: