ophelie and marlon,
In the deep West we discover a true nature,
magnified by time.
There’s not a single tree or stone that is not polished by the elements.
The herds that we meet spread a deep,
musky scent.
Far from crowded cities we savour/enjoy these delicious/exquisite moments.

Love for leather stories.

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Un coqueto clutch o bolso de mano con una pequeña asa de mano.

Este modelo se presenta en dos formatos:
L (tamaño 7,5' tablet) o XL (tamaño 13' o 14' laptop ordenador portátil). Todos los modelos se declinan en varias combinaciones de pieles y colores.

Sizes and leathers Gus: L(28x20cm) / XL(44x32cm)